I’m still here. I’m still doing this.

WW Purple was my plan of choice. Four pounds the first week, three the second. I’m halfway through my third (weigh-in on Tuesday) and kind of… unhappy. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going wrong here; obviously, it’s working since the weight is dropping. And I’m not hungry. But I’m tremendously unsatisfied, and I think I figured out why.

Image result for purple food

All of the foods I did not eat this week.

I focus pretty hard on the zero-point foods, to the point that, out of my 16 points per day, I usually only use 5-6. And those points are usually on a snack here or there. So I’ll “allow” myself a handful of pretzels for 3 points when what I really want is a 10-point cheeseburger. I have ALL of my weeklies, there is no reason whatsoever that I can’t have that cheeseburger every few days. I was originally going with the idea of saving my points for one big day, but I end up not using them.

And more than that, I logged the actually calories of what I’m eating in a day, and it’s under 1000. With the exception of a couple of points here and there, every single thing I eat is nonfat, no sugar, skinless, boneless, plain, and just boring. And the idea of this as a permanent “lifestyle” is incredibly depressing. When I did this before, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted, but in moderation. I tracked calories and activity and if I ate something like, say, a donut, I increased my activity that day to make up for at least half of it. That worked for me except for what a huge pain in the (huge) butt it is to try to figure out the calorie content of every single thing. I thought WW would be easier with the points, and it IS easier to track. But it’s a lot harder to balance the lifestyle I want with what I feel WW says I should have.

I suspect the solution at this point is going to be to switch to a different plan. Purple isn’t awful and it’s definitely got me into some better habits, but this isn’t sustainable long-term for me. I figured all the zero-point foods would be awesome and filling, and I was half-right: very filling, but a little low on the awesome. I need pizza or burgers or an absurdly large roast beef sandwich now and then. I can totally do that with my weeklies, but I don’t like how I feel mentally when I go over my daily points.

So that’s where I am two weeks since my last update. 7 more pounds gone for a total of 31 down from my highest officially-logged weight. 45 from this time last year. I can totally do this.


2 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Perhaps use Denise’s (Dish with Dee) method of staying on Blue/Freestyle but focusing on the zero point foods/whole grains on the Purple plan. She refers to it as the magenta plan. You can do this!

    • This is pretty much what I do. I stayed on Purple long enough to get a feel for how I can change my eating habits, then switched to Blue. So now I have 23 points to use each day, but most of those go towards healthier choices now, with still being able to have a cheeseburger now and then.

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