Lack of internet, increase of allergies, and a negative financial intake have contributed to not logging much of anything (or doing much of anything to log). Hard to get motivated to log your meals when most of them are ramen and water. Between my allergies upsetting my balance and my “diet” (ha!) contributing to weakness and fatigue, I haven’t done a lot.


Excuses, I know. There are workouts I can do that don’t require balance (you know, anything that has you holding onto a back of a chair, for example). The food situation is bad, yes, but there are things I can supplement it with to at least make it a little healthier.

The truth is, I’ve been sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I’m in a rough patch. That stops, now. I don’t know how long this situation will continue, but I can’t just give up all of my progress while I wait for it to end.