Strawberry Cupcakes Forever

I started off pretty good. Skipped tea and soda in favor of water, had banana for breakfast. Everything was going great… until the cupcakes arrived.


Mini cupcakes. Bite-size little morsels of heaven. Tiny, delicious, and easy to lose track of if you keep popping them into your mouth. I think I had five. But it might have been seven. If I had stayed much longer at work, it probably would have reached a dozen. This is my downfall, a co-worker who bakes. And ohmygod, does she bake. Birthday? Cupcakes! Visitors? Cupcakes! The sun is shining? CUPCAKES! And she always brings a variety of flavors, so you can’t just have one, no, you have to taste them all. And then you can’t decide which is your favorite, so you taste them again. Strawberry, pineapple, devils’ food… squish them together into one GIANT CUPCAKE.

At least I can start again tomorrow, and hopefully get it right. Things like this sort of make me want to give up and just eat everything. Especially if it’s made out of chocolate.