If I tracked like I update…

I am absolutely still doing this, I’ve just been busy with [insert excuse here]. Truthfully, I think I just forget about this a lot. Maybe I should add it to Habitica.


I started out using it to “gamify” my fitness goals, but I find it useful for a lot of things. I made tracking food and drinking water a “habit” (can be checked off multiple times per day), I have my weekly weigh-in and measurements as a “daily” (lose in-game health if these aren’t checked off on the right days), and often use “to do” for work or one-time things like filing my taxes. The Habitica Blog is right here on WordPress if you’re interested in more ideas for how Habitica can be used.

In actual progress news (as opposed to my avatar’s progress), I’m continuing the downward trend and as of Tuesday’s weigh-in, I’m down 21.9 pounds since starting WW in November. A set of low-cost resistance bands has helped, and a treadmill is being purchased with my tax refund. In addition to my food goals, I’ve set simple fitness goals to start out. I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I’m going to do 10k steps per day, or even 5k. For average days, I usually hit about 2k, so I’ve made it a daily goal to make 3k steps for now with at least one day per week over 5k. Once the treadmill is here, we’ll be bumping that up a bit.

I’ve also signed up for yes.fit virtual racing. For a (very) small monthly fee, I have unlimited virtual races, with the option to purchase rewards (medals or t-shirts) for about what a regular 5k race would cost. My system for motivating myself is that I will set a goal that is attainable but not too simple (because let’s be serious, I’m not doing 24+ miles in one go, or even in one week right now). As an example, my current race is 58.8 miles, and I’ve set a personal goal of 45 days. If I achieve that, I’ll buy one of the rewards. If I don’t, well… I’ll set a new goal to make sure I complete the race, just without a physical reward. But I do like getting the medals, so it’s a good motivation.

The 24 mile Cheshire Cat challenge, bonus Galaxy paw included for your viewing pleasure.

And that’s where I am at this point. Still going, still not giving up. I like this stuff with my back not hurting as much and my “too tight” jeans being way too baggy now. And how much better I feel without all the sugar and junk food. I certainly don’t intend to give all that up anytime soon.