I started this blog just before I turned 40. My entire adult life, I’ve been overweight, even though I was an underweight child. I’m kinda tired of it.

I try, succeed, and then gain again. Over and over. From 240 down to 180, up to 270; I’m going to go broke just trying to maintain a wardrobe. I’m trying again because I’m totally worth it and I deserve better health.

Also, my sister got sleeve surgery and is getting hella thin. I’m not jealous (okay, not much) but it does remind me of the first time on this journey and how much I changed. And inspires me to do it again. So now we’re four years from the last post, a little older, not much wiser, but more determined.

You got this, kitty.


(Cat images lovingly borrowed from Whiskers Temptations’ “Work It Kitty!” ad campaign. I’m not doing this for commercial use, so hopefully they’re cool with it.)



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