Still Going

I started with WW on November 5, and as of now, I’m down about 13 pounds (I say “about” because I just got a new scale and have not been able to compare it to the one I was using before).

I love little physical representations of my awesomeness.

I did switch to Blue as I mentioned I might do. I’m finding it a lot more sustainable overall, although this wasn’t really a good week. I was sick for a lot of it, and when I’m sick, I eat anything that sounds appealing otherwise I won’t eat at all. So it’s been a pizza sort of week. I’m okay with that, and I’m back on track now. Even with the Week of Pizza and Burgers, I still haven’t used up my weeklies, and I don’t appear to have gained. Weigh-in is Tuesday, so we’ll find out. It’s a great example of how weight loss and eating right doesn’t have to be super strict as long as the less-healthy choices don’t get out of control.

We did have a moment of panic when I logged into the site last night and saw that I had used up my dailies and was -16 on my weeklies, even though that had not been the case earlier. I went digging through all of my stats and saw that my cat had put his paws on the new scale as I was setting it up. WW thought I had an 8.5 pounds weigh-in and adjusted my points accordingly! Deleted kitty’s record and it set everything right.


Incidentally, that was only his front half. My cat is a superchonk at around 17-18 pounds.

So that’s where I am right now. Mostly on-plan and absolutely on-track. Gradually adding some workouts now that my back has healed and I’m not sick anymore, so there should be some pretty good progress this month.




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